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Frequently Asked Questions.

What is difference between marble and granite?

In very short - granite (300 million yrs) is solidified magna from earth's mantle. Marble (15 to 30 million yrs) is sometimes formed by layers of petrified seabed.


What stone best for kitchen counters?

Granite is default choice for reduced care effort but marble has more character.


Marble or granite for floors? 

Both good.


Why are so many different colors of marble and granite?

Chemical impurities during geologic formation.

Why is marble and granite so expensive?

Because it's really hard to get stone from quarry, cut into slabs, control quality and transport to projects in one piece.


Dr Peter Tzeferis [CC BY-SA 4.0 (]

Marble and granite considered environmentally green?

Yes and even better when locally sourced.


Daily care of granite counter?

Keep clean and dry.


Daily care of stone counters?

Keep clean and dry.


How to care for stone floors day to day?

Keep clean and dry. 


How to remove stains? 

It depends…please call.


What to do about damaged or missing pieces?

Match stone and patch is best start.


What stone is best for exterior cladding, paving  applications?



How is kitchen counter cost determined?

Extent of project planning, stone transportation, preparation for fabrication  checking site, changes, rechecking site, tools, tools, tools, possible design changes, contingencies, Acts of God, human flaws, transportation and installation.


How long does a stone floor or cladding last? 

Think timescales in terms caves, the Pyramids or more recently The Great Wall.


Refers to marble or grante dust (93%) mixed and compacted with epoxy or polester resin (7%). Not a green product and although we have worked with it it the dust makes us itchy.

Natural stone is Green!

Can we buy stone elsewhere and you just supply labor?

Sure....but we know how (quality, etc.) to buy stone whether in Philippines or internationally.

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